Hybrid System
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The orange manufacturer goes green
with its new Hybrid Plug-in System.

Quiet. Fuel economy. Reduced emissions.
Catch the green wave and extend your performance with us.

EXTENDING Performance of the Product
  • Adjust battery capacity to allow aerial device full-day operation.
  • Standard 120VAC 15A recharge.
  • Back-up with standard PTO/pump assembly if the batteries level becomes low (thanks to its second reliable parallel hydraulic pump).
  • Customizable Posi+ Master Control System displaying messages on unit state, alarms and interlocks.
  • Hybrid system keeps truck batteries fully charged.
  • DC-DC converters for maintaining truck battery fully charged.
EXTENDING Performance of the Operator
  • Easy to operate: simply turn on the PTO switch.
  • Automatic start of the truck engine if the batteries level becomes low.
  • Hybrid System state display.
  • Multiple on-screen readings including fuel consumption and hour meters.
EXTENDING Performance of the Fleet
  • System available on new or existing aerial devices.
  • Standard 120VAC 15A outlet needed for recharge.
  • Based on the Parker IQAN platform.
Available Options
  • Different battery pack capacities.
  • Lithium ion batteries.
  • 120V AC invertor for tools.
  • DC-DC converters for 12V tools.
  • Diesel cab heating.