For bucket trucks that
you can count on

Extending performance out of your bucket trucks

In the aerial device business since 1981, Posi+ believes that a global approach to manufacturing is what suits our customers’ needs: extended quality, extended durability, extended customization.

Your equipment is your tool, your partner, your security and in some situation, your best friend. Posi+ builds it to sustain all the action your job demands.

Benefit from the agility and innovation of a smaller manufacturer with big ideas and dedication to sustainable development.

Take a look at our project gallery and product sections and give us a try.

Completely reinvented digger derrick

Simplicity and performance at your fingertip

Once again, Posi+ goes beyond industry standards and is proud to introduce a new generation of digger derricks. Completely reinvented to meet the high Posi+ design and quality standards you are used to. Equipped with proven technology for unequalled simplicity.

  • Simplified design
  • Simplified operation
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Optimized performance

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